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                  News Release


                  CIMC SOE successfully delivers the second 17,000-m3 LEG carrier



                  CIMC SOE successfully delivered S1027 - a 17,000-m3 LEG carrier to Pacific Gas (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited on September 12.

                  S1027 is the second 17,000-m3 LEG carrier built by CIMC SOE after its successful restructuring. Featuring excellent performance and outstanding energy efficiency in the industry, the ship has an overall length of 156 m, modeled width of 23.2 m, modeled depth of 15.8 m, and designed draft of 10.2 m, and meets the certification requirements of DNV GL With three independent type-C double-body liquid tanks, a total capacity of 170,000 m3 and designed temperature of -104 °C, the ship can meet the demands for carrying LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), LEG (liquefied ethylene gas) and acetylene. 

                  During the shipbuilding process, CIMC SOE attached great importance to the quality and opinions of the ship owner, carried forward the craftsman’s spirit, strictly followed the requirements of lean management, continuously optimized its designs and improved its shipbuilding performance, and its efforts paid back and was highly recognized by the client. “Over the years, we have fully demonstrated strong designing and shipbuilding competence, and this enabled us to win the order for two most advanced LEG carriers (S1026 and S1027) in the world. We successfully delivered S1026 to the client in March and S1027 in September. By doing so, we have further shown our strength and confidence to seek business growth to our clients worldwide”, said a responsible officer of CIMC SOE.     

                  CIMC SOE is capable of designing and producing the most complete types of IMO type-C tank products, and its liquid tanks have made many firsts in the world, including the full-pressure LPG double-body tank, semi-refrigerated semi-pressurized three independent type-C LNG tanks, and single shell vertical LNG fuel tank. In addition, CIMC SOE is one of most influential enterprises on global market for small- and medium-size LNG carriers. So far, the company has successfully delivered 30 small- and medium-size LNG carriers, including the world’s first multifunctional LNG carrier of 27,500 m3 that transported ethane from the US to Europe, and the 38,000-m3 LEG carrier that was rated as one of “Top 10 Great Ships of 2017” by Maritime Reporter & Engineering News, a world-famous audited circulation magazine serving the global maritime industry.  

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